Disclaimer: CountryWide is anxiously waiting to assist Floridians with the rebuild of their homes. Unfortunately, we are waiting on the approval of our reciprocal license for construction and roofing in the state of Florida. Therefore, the state of Florida will only allow us to assist in the mitigation process until they issue our license. Thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation.



John Cerniglia - Founder
John Cerniglia
RayeLyn Cerniglia - Chairmen of the Board of Directors-CFO
RayeLyn Cerniglia
Chairmen of the Board of Directors-CFO
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Nicole Cerniglia
Chief Executive Officer
Tony Cerniglia - President
Tony Cerniglia
Senior Field Agent
Jon Kearney - Chief Workforce Officer
Jon Kearney
Sales Manager
Hillary Anderson - Customer Relations
Hillary Anderson
Administrative Assistant
Milan Love
Milan Love
Field Agent
Chris Sayler (2)
Chris Sayler
Field Agent
Chase Maffe
Chase Maffe
Field Agent
Carlos Ebanks
Carlos Ebanks
Field Agent