Disclaimer: CountryWide is anxiously waiting to assist Floridians with the rebuild of their homes. Unfortunately, we are waiting on the approval of our reciprocal license for construction and roofing in the state of Florida. Therefore, the state of Florida will only allow us to assist in the mitigation process until they issue our license. Thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation.

free roof estimate

Free Evaluation

If you would like to have a Free Evaluation of your loss please fill out the form below or call our office at 1-888-261-7663.

Free Roof Inspection

Countrywide will invest its time and expertise in assisting clients with a Free Inspection to determine whether a repair or roof replacement is necessary.

Client Guarantee

If a roof is damaged by Wind or Hail, Countrywide will work diligently to protect our client’s interests by ensuring that all of our clients are treated fairly by their insurance company. We make sure nothing is overlooked by your adjuster and that you receive a fair evaluation on your loss. Our clients only out of pocket expense will be the cost of their deductible, unless our client is under insured or has an ACV policy.